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Hut-Hut Kids Chair by Kalon Studios

  • Recycled plastic shaped into playful kids' rocking stool
  • $97.00
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    Kalon Studios, the LA-based sustainable furniture designers whose work has received plenty of shine in our Shop section, have scored another win with this kids version of the Hut-Hut Chair. Crafted from recycled plastic, the Hut-Hut Kids Chair is a playful reinterpretation of the rocking horse. It's available via Shelter Half in five bright colors -- Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink -- and comes with a star-patterned seat that the little ones will love.

    Hut-Hut Kids is intended for toddlers and up. With a broad, low, rocking form, it offers a playful and safe way for toddlers and children to explore and learn balance. 

    Dimensions: 20”W, 10”H, 20”D




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