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iameco v3 Touchscreen Computer

  • The wooden-framed computer that's easy on the eyes -- and the environment
  • $1,100.00
  • Buy it now
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    We've seen quite a few tech accessories made from natural materials, but this wooden-framed PC takes green computing to another level. A collaboration between Irish and German engineers, the iameco ("I am eco") v3 touchscreen computer is said to have a carbon footprint that's 70% smaller than a conventional PC, with 30-40% better energy efficiency thanks to LED lighting and copper heat sinks (instead of energy-guzzling cooling fans). And with minimal toxic chemicals inside, the machine is 98% recyclable.

    As for performance, the v3 runs Intel D525 Dual Core processors, with 4GB of expandable memory and 250GB of storage. You can check the rest of the tech specs here.

    The v3 retails for 850 and is available directly from iameco.




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