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Inbook Charging Station

  • Old books given new lives as unique and smart charging docks
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    Rich Neeley Designs rescues discarded books from certain landfill death, or from their dreary existence in the dark recesses of a bookshelf. Their goal is to bring more books into your life. Each book they meet passes an "exceptionally rare and wonderful" screening prior to being given a new life as a charger. As a comparitive lit major, Brenna chooses to recycle only those books that haven't been appreciated elsewhere. Gotta love it.




    Plastic State of Mind

  • A rap parody with a purpose.
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  • 'Planting: A New Perspective' by Piet Oudolf & Noel Kingsbury

  • Two of the world's most influential plantsmen join forces on an authoritative gardening reference
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  • E-Readers vs. Books

  • Which is the greener way to read?
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