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Indigo Dye Kit

  • Explore the ancient art of indigo dyeing with this all-natural, easy-to-use kit from Terrain
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    Indigo dye, the plant-based coloring agent most of us associate with classic denim, has been used in textiles dating as far back as 3000 B.C. It's the only natural dye that is capable of “true blue” coloring, and can be harvested from hundreds of different plant sources by soaking leaves in water and extracting the chemical released in the water. Terrain's new Indigo Dye Kit allows you to skip the harvesting step and go straight to creating beautifully patterned fabrics. Tap into the ancient Japanese technique of shibori by binding, folding, twisting, and compressing the natural fabric of your choice before dyeing.

    Included in the kit are natural indigo dye and dyeing agents, rubber bands, instructions, and latex gloves
. A recent post on Terrain's blog offers some helpful how-to pointers on making the most of your purchase.

    Made in USA.




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