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Jimi Wallet

  • The wallet for people who hate wallets.
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    Billed as "the wallet for people who hate wallets", the Jimi wallet is compact, water-resistant, and colorful. It's just large enough to hold the essentials – four credit cards on one side, and a few bills and a driver's license or credit card in the detachable money clip.

    This is a wallet that will actually fit in your front pocket, but you can also attach a lanyard (not included) to carry it around your neck (which is great for, say, student IDs or outdoor activities).

    In addition to being made in the USA from 100% recycled materials, the manufacturer of the Jimi wallet invests 1% of this product's sales revenue into environmental causes.

    The Jimi wallet is available in six colors: Ruby, Aqua, Clear, Safety Orange, Smoke (Gray), and Stealth Black. Please select desired color from the menu below.



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