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Lapka Environmental Monitor

  • Turn your iPhone into your own environmental monitoring station
  • $220.00
  • Buy it now
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    After covering the prototype launch of Lapka a while back, we're excited to let you know that the world's first iPhone-compatible environmental monitor has hit the market. Lapka connects through a headphone jack to measure, collect and analyze data about substances within a user's environment. Each peripheral (there are four) gathers its own information: humidity/temperature, radiation, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), and organicity (whether or not a food is organic). And as you can see, the design is aesthetically superb. Get yours today.




    Blizzard Time Lapse

  • A 20 hour whiteout, shortened to 40 seconds.
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  • Wrapwrap

  • Simple scrap wood design keeps headphone cords untangled
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  • Lapka: An Environmental Monitor for Your iPhone

  • Sensory system measures eco factors like bacteria, radiation and EMF
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