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Lasso Shoes

  • These comfy, self-assembled slippers are made from a single piece of wood felt, with a leather sole
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    These warm, sustainability-minded slippers are the brainchild of French designer Gaspard Tine-Beres, who you might know from his Short Circuit kitchen applicance collection. Now Tine-Beres has teamed with fellow Frenchman Ruben Valensi to create Lasso Shoes, a Kickstarter-funded indoor footwear design made from a single piece of wood felt attached to a leather sole. The concept is driven by locality. The materials are produced in a local Paris factory, and the final stage of manufacturing -- weaving a shoelace through each flat-packed slipper -- is done "locally" by the consumer him- or herself. 

    "I needed slippers because I was living in a really cold flat, so I just tried to make some as simply as possible," said Tine-Beres, who came up with the idea while a design studen in London. "The idea of involving the consumer in the assembly came about through logic. If everyone makes their own product, that’s the most local form of manufacture."

    Looks like Lasso has cleared its Kickstarter goal (congrats, freres!) but you can still pledge and get a pair of your own.




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