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Move by NudeAudio

  • Available in three sizes, these portable wireless speakers deliver crisp sound at a fair price
  • $30.00 - $100.00
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    NudeAudio's Move speakers combine minimal aesthetics, rugged portability and top-notch sound quality. Co-founded by longtime IDEO designer Peter Riering-Czekalla, the brand fills a pricing gap in the premium speaker market.

    "If you look at the speakers that are successful, like Jambox or the Beats Pill, they are all $170-190 for a small little speaker," he told Cool Hunting. "We don't believe that the world needs another premium speaker brand, but needs something that delivers good design: Simple, engaging, playful and personality without trying too hard—at a fair price." The company pulls it off  by stripping away extraneous product functions and avoiding expensive marketing tactics.

    The Move speakers come in three different sizes (S, M or L). Even the smallest, which is available in a cheaper, non-Blutetooth version, is said to pack a heavy punch. You can purchase them via Dijital Fix or Amazon, in either mint or coral.

    Photos: Nara Shin




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