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Ninebyfour LED Light by Waarmaakers

  • Minimalist tube light fixture crafted from salvaged wood
  • $475.00
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    Tube lights aren't typically associated with energy-efficient lighting or warm, natural materials, but Amsterdam-based design studio Waarmaakers breaks the mould with Ninebyfour, an LED fixture crafted from salvaged wood. The overall design is made possible by the Philips LED light tube, a high efficiency solution that doesn't heat up or flicker, allowing for the use of cork and wood as fixture materials. The wood itself is called stadshout, which is salvaged from downed elm trees in Amsterdam and typically used as firewood. On the included cork stopper you'll find the exact geographic coordinates of the tree from which the light was produced. Nice touch.

    Of course, that level of craftsmanship and detail doesn't come cheap. A Ninebyfour will run you €385 (approx. $475).




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