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Orange Bowls by Vegetabowls

  • Colorful earthenware bowls slip-cast from molds of actual oranges
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    For every dozen or so Etsy stores hawking homemade crafts, there is one that offers something truly special. Melanie McKenney's Vegetabowls, spotted recently on Etsy, belong to that unique minority. Using molds from real fruits and veggies scored from her local farmer's market, Melanie creates slip-cast earthenware bowls that look just like the pieces of produce from which they are cast. Each bowl is hand-painted with non-toxic, food-safe glazes that reflect the vibrant colors of its edible inspiration. Among the many Vegetabowls, which include molds from coconuts, cabbage, grapefruit, and cantaloupe, these bright orange bowls are our faves.

    Says Melanie: "Vegetabowls aims to promote local farming, healthy eating, and an appreciation for everyday things as well as an appreciation for functional handmade wares." Can't argue with that.




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