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Organic Soap by Osmia

  • Handmade soaps that combine organic ingredients with thoughtful packaging
  • $12.00
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    A former ER doctor, Sarah Villafranco started Osmia Organics ("osmia" means "sense of smell") after taking a soap making class. Inspired to learn more and explore her interest in chemistry, Sarah set out to make her own organic skin care products using only the best ingredients. The brand is gaining lots of attention for its organic soaps, made with food-grade oils and scented with botanical powders, essential oils and clay. "The "exquisitely unrefined" soaps are handmade in batches of 33 to 40, and cured for 8 weeks to ensure maximum water evaporation and prolong the life of the bars. Thoughtful, biodegradable packaging tops it all off.

    (via Cool Hunting)




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