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Ovopur Ceramic Water Filter

  • Egg-shaped Ovopur gives new meaning to water cooler talk
  • $895.00
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    Ignoring the valid argument that 900 bucks for a water filter is insane, the Ovopur is the nicest we've seen. Created by France's Aquaovo, the eco-friendly design relies on natural filtration systems (and some help from gravity) to dispense pure, wholesome H2O. The unit features an Aquacristal filter made of activated carbon, quartz, copper and zinc (helping explain the lofty price tag), which lasts four months and can clean about 530 gallons of water. Made of lead-free glazed porcelain, the vessel holds three gallons of water, delivered to your cup free of chemicals and organic pollutants. Because you can't put a price on clean water. Right? 




    Charity: Water Vid

  • Great promo short for one of our favorite charities, featuring music by Beck.
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