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Polaris Vector E-Bike

  • Efficiency and power join forces in one of the best e-bikes on the market
  • $2,500.00
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    Go anywhere with the Polaris Vector E-Bike, which combines rugged, ground-up design with the high performance Evantage motor system. The 450-watt brushless geared hub motor is paired with a dependable 30 volts of power and regenerative braking/control system designed to limit top speed and extend range. The result is a lightweight (53 lbs.) e-bike that delivers the speed, range, and dependability needed to go from an urban to suburban environment without missing a beat.




    Lighten Up: Brazilian Girls

  • Eco-awareness comes naturally for a band with a global sound.
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  • FlyKly Smart Wheel

  • Lightweight smart wheel turns your bike into a pedal-assisted electric vehicle
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  • Energy-Saving GreenCam Automatically Shuts Off Your Monitor

  • Brazilian company develops eco-smart app that saves energy during quick breaks at work
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