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Preserved Boxwood Topiaries

  • Pops of live greenery add color and whimsy to any indoor space
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    For black thumbs like us, these Preserved Boxwood Topiaries are a perfect way to add greenery to an indoor space, without the hassle of regular upkeep. Made from stems of natural, preserved boxwood, the set of five tiny topiaries will remain green and beautiful until, well, forever. No watering or nurturing required. Just set them inside somewhere where there is indirect light, and there you have it: your very own Renaissance-era garden, in miniature form, right there in your home. 

    The set includes five uniquely-shaped topiaries, each resting atop a twig stem in a miniature clay pot. Get yours from Terrain

    Dimensions: 4-7.5”H, 3-3.5” diameter




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