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Santal 26 Candle by Le Labo

  • Step up your crib's olfactory ambiance
  • $60.00 - $70.00
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    Once you bless your space with a well chosen scent, it's hard to understand how you ever deprived yourself of the luxury. The right fragrance can turn a dingy basement apartment into an idyllic paradise. Le Labo, NYC's craft scent meisters, have your olfactory ambiance needs covered with the the Santal 26, a soy wax candle housed in a vintage tin can. The aroma is described by the makers as "gentle, smoky and leathery," words we might use to describe a favorite uncle. In this case, you can translate them as "really, really good." 

    6.9 oz, with a burning time of 50 hours. Get it at Barney's or direct from Le Labo. Don't forget to trim the wick.

    Made in USA.




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