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Stumptown Rambler

  • For the coffee snob you love, in spite of it all
  • $185.00
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    If someone you love is a serious coffee snob, then first of all that sucks and we're sorry, but more importantly here is a potential gift idea. In another bold leap forward for coffee geek culture, Stumptown has released "The Rambler," a travel brew kit that includes an Aeropress coffee brewer, a Porlex mini grinder, two enamel mugs (yes, they're branded), and a 12oz pack of Stumptown Hairbender beans. The kit comes packed in a handmade Wood & Faulk bag, made in "tough as nails" canvas with a bridle leather strap and solid brass hardware. We're not sure why it needs to be so tough, but it explains the lofty price.




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