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Summer Sipper Kit by Mouth

  • It's the thirsty season. Here's what you need to make easy and delicious summer drinks
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    Mouth, the online "indie" food retailer formerly known as New York Mouth, has expanded its offerings beyond the Big Apple to include selections from around the country. The edibles and drinkables are assembled in gift packs like the Summer Sipper, a must-have kit for making super easy summer drinks. Elevate your cocktail game with Seville Orange and Grapefruit syrups (both from Brooklyn's P&H Soda), and South Carolina's Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic syrup. Brooklyn is also represented in the kit by bright-flavored citrus bitters from Hella Bitters. Mix any of them together with gin, vodka or rum in various combinations (like the Grapefruit syrup with tequilla, seltzer and a slice of lime for a twist on a Paloma). Also included are Sigmund's Pretzel chips, an excellent bar snack to munch on when mixing.




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