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Tin Cloth Dog Bowl by Filson

  • Collapsible bowl ensures your furry friend won't go thirsty on travels
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    For dog lovers like us, no summer is complete without at least a couple road trips and camping sessions with our furry BFFs. Filson ensures Fido won't go thirsty on the road with this collapsible dog bowl. There are two version of the bowl, both of which sport Filson's classic, outdoorsy aesthetic. The original version comes in 2.5-oz. 100% cotton oil finish tin cloth, with a nylon-lined interior that holds enough water for a quick drink. The newer version is 100% acrylic in bright blaze orange to ensure easy spotting in the bush. Both options fold easily to store in a pack pocket, or can be clipped onto pack via hanging loop.

    Made in USA.




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