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Veja Volley Sneakers

  • Designed in Paris, made fair trade in Brazil.
  • $125.00
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    Masquerading as a stack of firewood, rustic yet modern, movable and built from sustainable material - this log cabin has it all.


    Created by Dutch designer and architect Piet Hein Eek, the structure - built on wheels to bypass building regulations – is a rehearsal space for a musician.


    The tree-trunk exterior encases a steel frame salvaged from a builders' yard. The facade is made up of small cross-sections of tree trunk, arranged and positioned by hand then fixed with glue and copper brackets. This puzzling effect extends over the window-covers to complete the log-pile illusion when the cabin is unoccupied.


    -Nicola Churchward


    (Via iconeye)


    Photo by: Thomas Mayer




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