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Wild Hybrid Coffee Machine by Handpresso

  • This hand-powered espresso maker lets you be your own barista -- anytime, anywhere
  • $130.00
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    With the market for portable espresso makers getting busier by the day, French company Handpresso has carved out its own niche with the Wild Hybrid Coffee Machine. Operating (and looking) a bit like a bike pump, the Wild Hybrid is pumped manually to generate 16-bar pressure for perfect espresso. No batteries required. All you need is hot water (from a kettle or a thermo flask) and espresso coffee (ground or E.S.E. pods). While it's designed to satisfy high-end coffee cravings in the great outdoors, the portability of this device makes it just as useful at the office or in a small kitchen at home.

    It's available via Amazon, where they provide a few tips for keeping the Wild Hybrid in tip-top shape:

    Follow these few rules to keep your Handpresso Wild Hybrid in top shape. Do not use alcohol or detergents to clean the machine and descaling is unnecessary. Just like the Handpresso Domepod, the Handpresso Wild Hybrid is not microwave safe.




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