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Alice Boman "What"

  • Video for haunting new single stars Swedish chanteuse and her pet lab walking a deserted beach

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    If the hauntingly beautiful "What" is any indication, Swedish singer Alice Boman is one to watch. With glistening vocals set atop a delicate piano line, the song exudes pure, unadultered melancholy. The Fader-premiered video stars Boman and her pet labrador, who adds a minor dose of cheer to the sense of isolation. Directed by Studio Pop, the clip shows the pair walking along a deserted coastline, with Boman in all black staring sullenly at the sea, adorned with a sign that says “What do you see”--a line pulled from the single. The overall impression, in spite of the pooch's presence, is one of crushing loneliness.

    You can preorder Boman’s EP II on iTunes to get “What” now.

    (h/t Fader)


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