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Atoms For Peace "Before Your Very Eyes"

  • Supergroup's latest video cuts a psychedelic line in the sand

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    With psychedelic patterns and swirls pulsing across a landscape of natural, unnatural, and even human dimensions, the latest music video from Atoms For Peace offers a mesmerizing complement to a haunting song.
    Following an outdoor performance in Hollywood last week (on the birthday of two of the band's five members, no less), the venue's screens lit up to read 'DON'T GO.' Hundreds of exiting concert-goers were then treated to the official premiere of director Andrew Thomas Huang's video, which is also hidden 'easter egg'-style on the band's site.
    The experimental collaboration gets its name from a 1953 speech by President Dwight D. Eisenhower about the importance of being an agent of good. But as Atoms For Peace continues to find its audience, the term 'experimental' may no longer apply -- their vibrations cutting across the plain, fueling and funneling into the mainstream.


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