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Bill Maher Slams BP

  • Bill unleashes -- the last item of New Rules - Thank you.

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    When entertainment and environmental politics collide so beautifully, as they often do on Real Time, SHFT needs to share. Nobody does it better than Mr. Bill Maher. Not only does he take the piss out of the boneheads at BP who are "trying" to curtail this messs, but he frequently lands on answers that need to be seriously considered. Van Jones has been talking about the green economy for a couple of years - he never should have been allowed to 'step down' from his white house job, but that's another rant. Here's a perfect example of what Van was espousing. Take all the employees from Deepwater - or any other off-shore drilling rig for that matter - and re-train them to work on wind farms or solar power plants. If Obama doesn't take this opportunity to re-direct our energy infrastructure towards clean resources, there'll never be a time to do it. We need sweeping change here, not incremental small steps. The BP disaster should not go un-utilized. Obama has the opportunity to stimulate the economy, address global warming, and put people to work on projects that will eventually lead to a more energy-independent America. If not now, when? Huge kudos to Bill Maher for consistently keeping these issues on his agenda. He doesn't need an oil spill to know this is front-burner stuff. Neither should the president.

    - Peter Glatzer


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