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Bon Iver, "Beth/Rest"

  • New video co-directed by Justin Vernon and Dan Huiting follows the story of two star-crossed lovers in hazmat suits

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    "Beth/Rest,"the closing song on Bon Iver's Grammy-winning eponymous LP, is unabashed soft rock of the '80s variety, complete with saxophone, synth and sentimental lyrics. Now the song has a video that is just as heartfelt and (frankly) cheesy as the song itself. Co-directed by Mr. Bon Iver Justin Vernon alongside Dan Huiting, the video follows the story of two star-crossed lovers in illuminated hazmat suits, as they float in a hot air balloon and collect eggs for their tree house.  

    "It’s kind of about two people who are truly meant for each other and what happens to their essence," says Vernon. "How they connect is some other thing that we don’t know how to really talk about." Right. So what's up the the white onesies?


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