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Boots "Dust"

  • Moody track, video from Beyonce's mysterious producer

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    When Beyoncé dropped her fifth studio album out of nowhere last December, the biggest mystery of the situation was found in the liner notes, where the name "Boots" appears all over the production credits. Eventually it was uncovered that Boots is Jordy Asher, a New York musician/producer signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation. "Dust" is the first we've heard of him on his own, and it does plenty to help establish him as a talent on the rise. Featuring Asher on vocal and production duties, "Dust" is a minimal, syrupy-slow number released in conjunction with these slow-mo visuals of a hazy, scantily clad woman swimming in greenish waters and running across a beach. Directed by Cara Stricker.


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