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Coma "Missing Piece"

  • Adorable clip directed by Dominique Lucien Garaudel

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    Cologne-based producers Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad (aka Coma) have shared a video for "Missing Piece," and wow it's the most adorable thing we've seen in a while. Directed by Dominique Lucien Garaudel, the video finds a few kids dancing and playing with colorful confetti, animated paper mache cut-outs, and miniature instruments. It's a fun, playful piece, representing a welcome departure from the overwrought visuals that are typical of many music videos these days. The playfulness is well suited to the tune as well, with bright colors and smiling kids meshing nicely with the bouyant, soaring synths. 

    "Missing Piece" is from Coma's In Technicolor LP, released last year on Kompakt.


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