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Earth Day Mashup: Beach Boys vs. Phillip Glass

  • Stirring short featuring footage from "There Once Was an Island"

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    SHFT compadre and Honey Brothers member Ari Gold (no not the Entourage one) just sent over this moving bit of video based on an idea that came to him in a dream. While sleeping, Ari's unconscious mind offered up the idea of combining the harmonious pop of Beach Boys with the classical avant-garde of Philip Glass. Inspiration in hand, Ari mashed up the 1962 Beach Boys ballad "The Lonely Sea" with a Gregorian chant-sounding work from Glass. He then borrowed some clips from "There Once Was an Island," a Lyn Collie documentary about Takuu, a Polynesian community being engulfed by the rising waters of the South Pacific. The resulting creation is stirring and well, kinda depressing. On that note, happy Earth Day!


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