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Fun Adults, "Sap Solid"

  • Leeds-based four-piece creates a charming animated video for their debut single

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    With their debut album out on cult label Tough Love, young Leeds-based four-piece Fun Adults deliver their video for the lush, delicate lead single. Created by bandmembers Dan W Jacobs and Huw Thomas, the video is a visual collage of frame-by-frame hand-drawn images, made of a combination of paint, pastels and oil on glass on a light box. Talking to Dazed, the band explained the video and their efforts to wed light and color to sound:

    The main objective when producing the video was to capture the colour, rhythm and texture of the track. We were keen to create something that felt really human and organic, so a traditional paint on paper approach made sense. This enabled us to work much more freely and spontaneously and gives the video a nice vibrancy. We're big fans of Impressionism and Fauvism, which were really influential in terms of capturing light, colour and using different forms of mark-making."


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