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Gold Panda, "Marriage"

  • Feel good visual vibes by Ronni Shendar.

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    British beat wiz Gold Panda checks in with a new video for "Marriage" featuring not much more than some friendly looking folks holding lanterns. Doesn't sound that interesting, but for such a simple, narrative-free video, it's actually really good times. Directed by Israeli video artist, Ronni Shendar. Stream GP's just-released Marriage EP on Soundcloud.


    First Aid Kit "My Silver Lining"

  • Swedish folkies unveil spooky video directed by Elliot Sellers
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  • Q Speakers

  • Sustainable stereo system handcrafted in New Zealand.
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  • Ghost in the Machine

  • Erika Iris Simmons creates iconic music portraits from an almost-dead media — old cassette tapes.
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