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Groundswell: Trailer

  • New documentary follows surfers on a journey along British Columbia's unspoiled west coast -- a region threatened by oil pipeline development

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    Slated for release this coming fall, "Groundswell" follows surfers Peter Devries, Travis Gordon, Dan Malloy up the west coast of British Columbia, where the delicate coastal ecosystem faces a major threat in the form of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline from Alberta's tar sands. The film, a collaborative production of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Patagonia, and Woodshed Films, beautifully documents what's at stake if the pipeline goes through. As you can see from the trailer, the surfers encountered a plethora of marine mammals on their trip.

    "The likelihood of a spill would be very, very high, given how crazy the seas can be," said Devries, a pro surfer and BC local. "The ocean is a huge part of my life and a spill would directly affect pretty much everyone and everything on the coast."

    To learn more about the potential effects of the pipeline, and see how you can get involved, visit Raincoast.


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