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Kilian Martin: A Skate Regeneration

  • Short flick shows off skater's unique flatland skills

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    Filmmaker Brett Novak started his Short Skate Film series as a vehicle to show off he talents of relatively unknown skaters. The collection of well-shot videos have gotten a plenty of attention on the web. And for good reason. This one, featuring Kilian Martin doing his thing in the urban environs of Barcelona, might be the best of the bunch. Looking like Rodney Mullen 2.0, Martin spins, flips and grinds away to the chill sounds of "Fireweed" by Patrick Watson and the Wooden Arms. Like what you see? Help Novak further his non-profit video mission by donating to the cause


    Kilian Martin: Altered Route

  • Filmmaker Brett Novak delivers another stunning short starring the most creative skateboarder in the world
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