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King Krule "Easy Easy"

  • 18-year-old London phenom returns with a new video directed by Focus Creeps

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    "Easy Easy," the lead single from the upcoming King Krule LP, offers more proof that teenage ginger Archy Marshall is a one of the most promising talents in pop music today. The understated track, dominated by Marshall's heavy baritone and unique guitar stylings, now has an equally direct and compelling video courtesy of Focus Creeps. The clip finds Marshall and a mate doing the things 18-year-olds do on summer days: hopping trains, hanging on rooftops, "elevating" their minds, etc. Not a hell of a lot happens, but it somehow feel significant.

    The upcoming King Krule album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, is out August 24 via True Panther and XL.


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