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M. Ward "Rave On"

  • Animated puppets provide visuals for ethereal pop version of Buddy Holly classic.

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    M. Ward's cover of Buddy Holly's timeworn classic “Rave On," the second single off his 2009 record Hold Time, is less 50s rock-and-roll than 21st century dream-pop, featuring distant-sounding backup vocals from She & Him collaborator Zooey Deschanel. In the video, UK animator Mike Please sets the tune in a world inhabited by weird wooden puppets, who wind up throwing out televisions, computer screens and other electronics and end up riding bikes and wheelchairs through the forest. We're not sure if there's an oblique environmental message, but it's got an unplug your device and go outside to play directive and we like it.


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  • Gorgeous animation by Carine Khalife
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