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Mates of State, "Palomino"

  • Handpainted, rotoscope animation by Jimi Patterson

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    2011 marks the 10th wedding anniversary for Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner, aka Mates of State, and what better way to ring it in than with a new collection of lively pop music? "Palomino," the opening cut from Mates of State's new album Mountaintops, is soaring jam that hits in all the right spots. In the video for the tune, director/animator Jimi Patterson employed rotoscope animation to follow Hammel and Gardner on a strange odyssey through a pastel landscape. Patterson explains his technique:

    The aesthetic of the video is a result of the process behind it: rotoscope animation. We first filmed the live-action material, and then I digitally hand-painted all 3,240 frames using Wacom's Cintiq pen tablet. There are no filters or dragging-and-dropping going on. There's more than 300 brush strokes for every frame. 



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