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Moby & Mark Lanegan, "The Lonely Night"

  • Take a time-lapse trip to the desert with director Colin Rich

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    Lighten Up star Moby and alt-rock legend Mark Lanegan make an unlikely duo on "The Lonely Night," a Record Store Day single featuring downtempo beats by Moby underneath Lanegan's raspy vocals. The track will be available on limited edition 7″ backed by a remix from Photek.

    Thanks to director Colin Rich, "Lonely Night" now has a video as well. It's a time-lapse trip through arid California, with the Mojave Desert, the Salton Sea, and Los Angeles making cameos.

    “With every project I undertake, there are certain emotional undertones that need to be translated into moving image and ‘Lonely Night’ provided to me a thematic of isolation and solitude,” said Rich in a statement. “So I attempted to create a reflectively temporal voyage from ruin and desolation into the edge of civilization and back again.”


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