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Nightlands, "I Fell In Love With A Feeling"

  • Watch a couple of silver-painted mates get followed by floating geometric globs

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    When Dave Hartley isn't manning the bass for War On Drugs, he stays busy recording orchestral, layered pop songs under the Nightlands alias. "I Fell In Love With A Feeling" is a shimmering, horn-adorned track from Nightlands' latest release, Oak Island, and it now has some surreal visuals to go along with it. The two-minute clip, directed by David Kessler, follows the silver-painted Hartley as he and a similarly shiny friend wander the outdoors while being followed by by geonmetric globs of liquid metal. As the video's YouTube page puts it: "Two metallic men are surrounded by fluctuating metallic shapes." Like we said.


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