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Professor Kliq "Plastic and Flashing Lights"

  • Superb stop-motion music video by Patator Prod

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    Lovers of stop-motion behold this excellent wire-and-paper creation from Victor Haegelin of French studio Patador Prod. Accompanied by a track from Professor Kliq, Haegelin's wire protagonist walks along to the beat while fluidly unraveling and coiling around paper structures. The one-and-a-half minute result is short is one of the coolest, best made animation pieces we've seen in a while. Worth watching a few times.

    (via It's Nice That)


    Black Books, "Favorite Place"

  • An awesome stop-motion video threaded together by Christophe Thockler
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  • Koostik iPhone Speaker

  • Solid wood iPhone dock takes stereo energy efficiency to, lows.
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  • Are oscillating panels the future of wind energy?
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