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    Founded by film producer Peter Glatzer, actor-filmmaker Adrian Grenier, and sustainable design expert Lauren Gropper, SHFT is a collective of like-minded poeple putting together culturally relevant sustainable ideas, products, materials and information. We are made possible by a Founding Partnership with Stonyfield Farm and our first original series, LIGHTEN UP, following bands as they lighten their carbon footprint on road tours, is co-produced by Gary Hirshberg, CE-YO of Stonyfield Farm.

    This generation shops on line, watches videos online, gets their news online, and are active members of communities on line. SHFT just takes that into account in using new media to message and position a slightly more conscious way of doing all of those things when it comes to living more sustainably.

    We hope our audience enjoys SHFT, that they interact with it, use it, and share it with their friends.That's why we made it.


    SHFT Pop Up with pureDKNY

  • Adrian, Peter and Angela break it down.
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  • Klean Kanteen by SHFT & Shepard Fairey's Studio Number One

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  • A Year on the Road: Once Upon a Blue Moon

  • You never know what you'll find on a dirt road, which is exactly why you should take the journey
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