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Snowboarding's Dead

  • An inside look at snowboarding in mountain-less Minnesota

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    This from the director:

    This is episode 1 of snowboarding's dead, an inside look at Minnesota, a hub for snowboarding, and all around amazing place. Over the years, a lot of great snowboarders have come from Minnesota, and as i spend more time there, it becomes more and more apparent why. Not known for its Big mountains, but more for rope tows, amazing snowboard parks and a snow blanketed urban landscape make this place one of a kind. Minnesota also has some awesome local shops, including Zombie, youth shelter supply, Damage, and cal surf. This place rules and if you get a chance to go hang there I strongly suggest it.

    Film & Edit by Loren Brinton

    Additional Filming :
    Kevin Castanheira
    Colton Morgan

    Art: Ty Modz

    Alex Andrews | Brady Lem | Shane Ruprecht
    Joe Sexton | Danimals | Boody | Michael Wick


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