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Sohn, "Bloodflows"

  • A fantastic future R&B track gets a simple yet effective video, courtesy of Christian Pitschi

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    It's been a busy 2013 for SOHN, the rising, Vienna-via-London R&B act who earned plaudits for his performance at SXSW and recently signed with 4AD. His clicky, percussive track "The Wheel" had the music blogs going nuts a while back. "Bloodflows" is similarly awesome, and now it has a video to call its own. Directed by Christian Pitschl, the clip's concept is as basic as they come: it's just a bunch of shots of a lone woman, actress Nadja Langer, standing still in a variety of landscapes. But those landscapes happen to be located in the stunning Bavarian Alps, so when paired with the dramatic, slow-builder of a track, it makes for epic viewing. 

    (via GvB)


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