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The 3B Printing Project

  • 80,000 bees and a handful of humans collaborate on honeycomb sculptures

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    In what is being called the "3B printing project," creative agency The Ebeling Group deployed 80,000 bees to create two sculptures from beeswax: a Dewar's bottle and a bust of Dewar's founder John Dewar. Since bees build honeycomb inwards, the team had to start with inverse scaffolding to give the insects a framework to work with. A rubber tube connected to the neck of the bottle provided a passageway to allow the bees in and out of the unconventional hive. Several colonies had to be brought in for the six-week process, as bees only have a lifespan of four or five weeks. It doesn't appear that the technique has much practical application, but it's very cool regardless. 


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