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The Me Bird

  • In this animated interpretaton of a Neruda poem, a ballerina comes to life, one layer at a time

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    This beautiful short film from 18bis, a Brazilian motion graphics studio, makes use of a little-known animation technique called stratastencil. The basic concept, from what we can gather, is to add layers of cut paper to create the scene. The film itself is a freestyle interpretation of the Pablo Neruda poem "The Me Bird." From the creators:

    The inspiration in the strata stencil technique helps conceptualize the repetition of layers as the past of our movements and actions. The frames depicted as jail and the past as a burden serve as the background for the story of a ballerina on a journey towards freedom. A diversified artistic experimentation recreates the tempest that connects bird and dancer.

    (via Vimeo Staff Picks)


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