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  • Say hello to the most epic time-lapse nature video ever

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    We're not shy about sharing our love for time-lapse videos around here, but this one stands head and shoulders above 99 percent of them. It's actually a trailer for an hour-long film, TimeScapes, shot by photographer Tom Lowe over two years throughout the American Southwest. Lowe took it to the next level by shooting in 4k resolution. To get a sense of how intensely detailed that is, regular old HD is 1280 x 720 pixels, whereas 4k is 4096 x 2304 pixels, i.e. massive. Lowe is selling the video directly via his website.

    Asked by The Atlantic what he hopes people take away from the film, Lowe said, "Among other things I hope to inspire people to go out into the outdoors and enjoy these amazing places. I also hope the film connects with people on an emotional and spiritual level, and that it means something unique and personal to each person."


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