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Toru Matsumoto, "And And"

  • Mindmelting abstract animation by Mirai Mizue

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    Mirai Mizue leads a new generation of Japanese abstract animators with a stunning body of work inspired by the process of cell formation. This hypnotic vid he made for compatriot musician Toru Matsumoto (aka Psysalia Psysalis Psyche) is pure visual poetry. Warning: May cause acid flashbacks.

    Check out Mizue's painstaking handrawn animation process.


    Young Galaxy, "Blown Minded"

  • Gorgeous animation by Carine Khalife
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  • Xylobook Blank Books

  • Made from recycled archival paper and salvaged hardwood scraps.
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  • SHFT Sampler 7-15-10

  • From a next-gen EV charger to the top eco-volunteer vacations, here are your weekly links from around the web.
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