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Waste Land Trailer

  • A prize-winning documentary about beauty, redemption, and garbage

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    Outside of Rio de Janeiro lies Jardim Gramacho, the world's largest landfill, where 3,000 "catadores" make their living foraging for recyclables among the garbage. In Waste Land, a documentary that opens in U.S. theaters this week, director Lucy Walker chronicles a project by Brazil-born, Broooklyn-based artist Vik Muniz, who returned to his homeland to create portraits of the catadores made from the trash itself. It looks like a fascinating film, looking forward to taking it in.


    One Hundred and Eight

  • Nils Volker's interactive garbage bag installation.
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  • Artist Plates for Azuero Earth Project

  • A set of six limited edition art plates benefiting the Panama-based eco nonprofit
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  • Vik Muniz Recreates Famous Paintings with Recycled Paper

  • New works reimagine celebrated paintings in magazine scraps
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