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When Saints Go Machine, "Iodine"

  • This clip featuring iodine megacrystals takes a literal interpretation of the song's title

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    The video for When Saints Go Machine's "Iodine" goes deep underground to take a literal interpretation of its source material. Directors Kristian Nordentoft and William Reynish train their lens on pictures of actual iodine crystals, which are given depth thanks to a camera mapping technique. Beyond the explorer delving deep underground to sample some of the crystals, there's not much of a narrative here. But with the song's melancholic soul combined with cool visuals, there is plenty to sink your eyes and ears into.

    "Iodine" is featured on Inifinity Pool, the Danish band's third LP, out next month on !K7. You can preview the album on Pitchfork.

    (via Spin)


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