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Yoriyos "Endoscopises"

  • More strange and wonderful music video direction by Ron Winter.

  • This eerie piece is the second video directed by Ron Winter for Yoriyos. Much like the first, we find themes of spiritual awakening and rebirth. Which isn't so surprising when we're reminded that Yoriyos is the son of Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens). Like father, like son. Dig the Northwest Coast Indian-inspired creatures that take the film into a weird and otherworldly realm. Animation help provided by after effects expert Ian Wilmoth.


    Growing is Forever

  • Jesse Rosten's ode to the Redwoods.
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  • Xylobook Blank Books

  • Made from recycled archival paper and salvaged hardwood scraps.
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  • Sundry Sullen: New Zealand

  • Amaaazing travel pics.
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